Santiago Barreiro about his artistic project

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This series is an extract of work in progress and makes part of an artistic project dedicated to my personal research on  the world of dance.

Within this project I work on the conceptual idea of the aesthetics being a fundamental tool of interpretation of freedom in the dance. It is not an objective study but a kind of my own “investigation” answering one question – “Who is the one who dances?”.

Part of being a dancer for me is the internal struggle of a human being whose body becomes an instrument to represent other lives, up to the point of losing their identity.




The photo selected as the Photo of the Month by Ballet Insider and Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest was made on a trip to Argentina to a godforsaken slaughterhouse. We crossed the border between Uruguay and Argentina without being sure that we succeed with our plans because we didn’t have any official permission. They let us in only after being told that our model worked with a famous ballet dancer Julio Bocca. We were given a very limited period of time for the shooting.

When we found this amazing room full of rolls and ancient books I suggested to our ballerina Marina Sanchez to get inside the library. It was not easy but we managed to make this photo that became the iconic image of the project.  We had to leave the place after a little bit, but we did it with the happiness of having achieved several awesome pics.

Ten days later we found out that the building was destroyed by fire. Sadly this was the last picture made in this ancient room….




Photographer of the Month

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And the Winners are

SANTIAGO BARREIRO, Uruguay, 1st Place

Portrait 3 - Santiago Barreiro

Dancer: Marina Sanchez


SHOUN HO, Singapore, 2nd Place

Shaun Ho April 2016

Dancer Wang Wen



DUNSKI ARI, Uruguay, 3d Place

Ari Dunski April 2016

Dancer: Joyce Liziane


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Irina Mattioli about the Anna Pavlova Contest 2016 winning image

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A few years ago, in a nice sunny Sunday, I asked my two dancers friends Francesco and Alessandro and my friend Martina to join me, in order to realize an outdoor ballet shooting in the mountains.
Martina, who is one of my oldest and dearest friend, was there to help me whit the smoke bombs that I brought – so as to create an eerie, timeless atmosphere – and the two guys where obviously there to model for me. I was very close to Alessandro, with whom I was studying ballet since we were teenagers and, in that occasion, I had the chance to get to know better Francesco, that in those days was attending the National Ballet Academy in Rome. The guys have been amazing: without any hesitation, they naturally started to dance in front of me, barefoot on the wood’s ground. One of the resulting pictures is the one that – with my surprise – allowed me to win the first place at the Anna Pavlova Ballet Photography Contest 2016.

Apollo e Dafne - foto Irina Mattioli (3)

The place chosen for the shooting it has not been random, in fact – apart from being a place of beauty and peace – It has a peculiar value to me. It is located in Valnerina (Umbria, Italy), nearby the village from which my parents, my grandparents, my great-grandparents and my great-great-grandparents are from: the pine grove of Capodacqua di Postignano, near Sellano. It was actually one of the favorite places of my grand-mother Maria Adelaide and I am truly happy that it ended up being scene of such an amazing personal reward.


The dancer portrayed in the winning picture is Francesco Arduino Leone, he firstly trained at the Hungarian National Dance Academy and then at the National Dance Academy in Rome. He is now a dancer in the renowned company “Le Supplici” lead by Fabrizio Favale, with which he will soon exhibit in the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon.
The other dancer, unfortunately underrepresented in this very shoot (you can just see his harm), is my dear friend Alessandro Sebastiani. He is an extraordinary dancer that began his training with me at Spazio Danza (Foligno), and then carried on with his studies firstly graduating at the Codars Rotterdam Dance Academy (Netherlands), and then at the National Dance Academy in Rome, where a both human and artistic empathy with the well-known choreographer Laura Martorana allowed him to develop his talent abroad, at Santiago de Chile, where he now lives and works.



Qualche anno fa, in una domenica di bel tempo, ho chiamato i miei due amici e ballerini Francesco ed Alessandro e la mia amica Martina con l’intenzione di realizzare uno shooting di danza all’aperto, in montagna.
Martina, che è una delle mie più care e vecchie amiche, era lì per darmi una mano con i fumogeni che avevo portato – per creare un’atmosfera fuori dal tempo – e i due ragazzi per farmi da modelli. Conoscevo molto bene Alessandro,  che studiava danza con me da quando eravamo al liceo e in quell’occasione ho approfondito anche la conoscenza di Francesco, che allora studiava a Roma. I ragazzi sono stati stoici, senza esitare hanno iniziato a ballare scalzi, davanti al mio obiettivo, nella pineta.  Uno degli scatti risultanti è quello che – con mia sorpresa – ha vinto il primo posto all’Anna Pavlova Ballet Photography Contest 2016.

Il luogo scelto per ambientare gli scatti non è stato casuale, oltre ad essere un’oasi di bellezza e di pace, per me ha un valore particolare. Si trova in Valnerina (Umbria), nei pressi del paese dove sono nati e cresciuti i miei genitori, i miei nonni, i miei bisnonni e i miei trisavoli: la pineta di Capodacqua di Postignano, vicino Sellano. Era uno dei posti preferiti di mia nonna Maria Adelaide e sono felice che abbia finito per contribuire ad  una soddisfazione così grande.

Il danzatore ritratto nello scatto vincitore del concorso è Francesco Arduino Leone, formatosi prima all’Hungarian National Dance Academy e successivamente presso l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza a Roma. Da due anni balla per  la prestigiosa compagnia “Le Supplici” di Fabrizio Favale, che prossimamente si esibirà anche alla Biennale Danza di Lione.
L’altro ballerino, purtroppo sottorappresentato in questo scatto (si coglie solo il braccio), è il mio caro amico Alessandro Sebastiani, un danzatore straordinario che ha iniziato la sua formazione con me presso la scuola Spazio Danza di Foligno ed ha proseguito i suoi studi laureandosi prima al Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy in Olanda, poi all’Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma dove la sintonia umana ed artistica con la nota coreografa Laura Martorana gli ha consentito di  sviluppare il suo talento all’estero fino a Santiago del Cile, dove vive e lavora tutt’oggi.