Dancing Soul between Naples and NY

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Anna Pavlova Network is happy to present this video made by Antonio Azzurro, Italian photographer and film maker, in New York. The protagonist of the video is Antonio Cagnano, Acsi Ballet dancer who grew up  artistically in Naples and moved to the United States and now he works at Martha Graham company 2. The idea was to create a so called “video book” which will help the dancer to make auditions and present him professionally all over the world. Working on the project, we preferred to show moments of his every day in New York and Naples and let the viewer enter into the rehearsal room.

Antonio Cagnano: “The story of an Italian dancer who moved to New York City following his dreams. The love for his hometown with all his beloved people helps him to go on and keep going every day without giving up and fighting against everything with passion and perseverance to keep reliving his dreams”.

Filmed with RED Cinema Camera and Zeiss Milvus lens set.

Мы рады представить видео работу нашего партнера и члена Anna Pavlova Network Антонио Адзурро. Видео сделано в Нью Йорке и посвящено Антонио Каньяно, молодому танцовщику из Неаполя, переехавшему в Америку,  для того чтобы присоединиться к  компании Marta Graham 2. Куда быни забросила судьба и желание осуществить свои мечты, итальянец всегда останется сыном своего родного города и любовь всех тех, кто остался там, будет помогать ему в преодолении всех сложностей. Приятного просмотра!

Снято на камеру RED Cinema и оптику Zeiss Milvus.

https://vimeo.com/197176086[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Photo and video by ©Antonio Azzurro Photography, Anna Pavlova Network 2016, all rights reserved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Charity project by Karina Zhitkova

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Карина Житкова о благотворительном проекте:

Конечно, помочь всем нуждающимся кажется невозможным, но если каждый из нас сделает даже скромный вклад, это будет уже огромная помощь. Я очень люблю кошек и стараюсь помогать бездомным животным по мере сил. Некоторое время назад родилась идея создать благотворительный проект в сотрудничестве журнала Ballet Insider и частного приюта для кошек “Муркоша“. В фотосессии нам было важно показать, как в грациозных руках балерин пушистые питомцы расцветают в любви и тепле и насколько каждый кот хорош по-своему. Главной целью было найти им дом и, например, кот Сова, который принимал участие в фотосессии уже нашел своих хозяев!

На фото солистки Музыкального театра им.К.С.Станиславского и Вл.Немировича-Данченко А.Лименько, В.Муханова и Ж.Губанова

Karina Zhitkova about this charity project:

Sure, it seems impossible to help everyone in need, but everyone of us makes his own little contribution all together it will be a huge support. I love cats and seek to help homeless animals as much I can. Some time ago the idea of this charity project was born and we realised it in collaboration with Ballet Insider and “Murkosha“, a private shelter for cats in Moscow.  It was important to demonstrate with this photo session how our furry protagonists flourish in the gracious hands of ballerinas and that every cat is unique and special. The main goal was to find them a home and one of the  participants of the photo session, the cat named Sova, has already succeeded in it!

On the photos: Musical Theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko soloists A. Limenko, V. Mukhanova and Zh. Gubanova

Please visit http://www.balletinsider.com/archive/inspiration/5579

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Ballet Maniacs & Darian Volkova

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It is especially great to see when our friends and partners collaborate with each other and create new outstanding ballet related products!

This winter brought a cool present to all of us – BALLET MANIACS and Ballet Photographer DARIAN VOLKOVA launched a new series of t-shirts together.

It’s not a secret that Darian Volkova is in the vanguard of modern dance photography. Ballet Maniacs is a synonym of high quality stylish apparel for ballet lovers so it was destined for these two to work together!

Do not miss your opportunity to order these absolutely original limited edition shirts that, no doubt, will not only be a jewel of your wardrobe but also will  become a rare collectible with time.

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Pierluigi Abbondanza. Dance Photography Course in Modena, Italy

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Il Maestro Pierluigi Abbondanza svolgerà un Corso di Fotografia per la Danza alla città di Modena, Italia. Il corso è organizzato dalla Musical Art Academy MUMO in collaborazione con Anna Pavlova Network come media partner. Due dei partecipanti del Corso verranno selezionati e potranno partecipare gratuitamente all’edizione 2017 di Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest. Pierluigi Abbondanza è uno dei nostri partner e giudici e siamo sempre felici a fare parte delle sue iniziative.

Il nome di Pierluigi Abbondanza in fotografia di danza è un sinonimo di qualità, esperienza e talento raro. Non perdete questa unica possibilità di imparare e creare a fianco del Maestro.

Maestro Pierluigi Abbondanza will hold a Course of Dance Photography in the city of Modena, Italy. The course is organised by the Musical Art Academy MUMO in collaboration with Anna Pavlova Network. Two participants of the course will be chosen and will be able to take part in the Anna Pavlova International Ballet Photo contest 2017 free of charge. Pierluigi Abbondanza is one of our partners and Jurors of the Contest and we are always happy to make part of his great initiatives. 

The name of Pierluigi Abbondanza is a synonym of quality, experience and rare talent. Do not miss this opportunity to learn and create side by side with the Maestro. 


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Leggete una breve intervista con Maestro Pierluigi Abbondanza qui.

Please read an interview of Pierluigi Abbondanza here.

– Maestro, potrebbe raccontarci come è nata l’idea di fare questo corso fotografico e quali saranno le sue specialità e particolarità.

Maestro, can you tell how the idea of this photography course was born? What will be its special traits and peculiarities?

– L’idea è nata a seguito della richiesta di alcuni fotografi appassionati di danza di poter fare un corso con me. E’ un corso di specializzazione e cercherò di insegnare attraverso esso i miei vent’anni di esperienza fotografica nel mondo della danza.

The idea was born due to requests of several photographers passionate about dance who wanted to take a course with me. It is a specialisation course and I will seek to  base it on my twenty years of experience in the field of ballet photography.

– Il corso sarà diviso in due incontri. Quale sarà la tematica del primo incontro e del secondo incontro?

The course will be divided in two meetings. Which will be the theme of the first one and the second one?

– Non so esattamente ancora come sarà diviso, ho certamente un programma da seguire ma il passaggio alla voce successiva sarà legato alla verifica di comprensione della voce precedente.

I am not sure yet of how exactly it will be divided. I have a program to follow but our transmission to every following part will depend on the confidence that the previous part is well and fully understood.

– Quali sono i punti principali che il Maestro Pierluigi Abbondanza cercherà di trasmettere agli allievi nel breve tempo del workshop?

What are the main principles that Maestro Pierluigi Abbondanza will seek to  pass to the participants of the short format of workshop?

– La capacità di percepire quello che avviene in scena e la capacità di renderlo al meglio nel proprio lavoro.

The ability to perceive what is going on on stage and the ability to render their work in the best way possible.

– La Sua strada nell’arte della fotografia di danza è piena di esperienze uniche. Esiste una persona – fotografo o ballerino o altro – che ha influenzato al massimo la Sua visione della danza?

Your way in the art of dance photography has been always full of unique experiences. Does that one special person exist – a photographer or a dancer who influenced your vision of dance the most?

– Sono molti e in modo diverso, è difficile sceglierne alcuni e valutarne altri meno importanti, ogni esperienza, anche in modo minimo, ti cambia.

Potrei citare Zakharova, Palacios, Prina e continuando riempirei più di una pagina.

There are many people who influenced me in different ways and it would be difficult to choose only one of them. Every new experience, even a little one, changes something in you.

I could name Zakharova, Palacios, Prina and go on until the list will take more than one page.

– È prevista una parte pratica al suo workshop?

Is any practice anticipated for this workshop?

– Certamente, gli allievi devono avere la sicurezza di saper usare quello che hanno imparato, niente come usare un dato ti dimostra quanto lo hai capito.

Abbiamo a disposizione per le prove pratiche un teatro e una location più contemporanea, i partecipanti apprezzeranno.

Naturally, the participants must be sure that they know how to use what they learned. Nothing demonstrates if you really grasped something better then trying it on practice. We have a theatre and a modern location available for this workshop, I am sure the participants will like them.

– Per insegnare fotografia con successo, secondo Lei, quali sono i tratti più importanti del carattere che uno deve possedere?

In your opinion, what are most important traits of character that let teach photography with success?

– Pazienza, capacità di comunicazione e una profonda conoscenza del soggetto.

Patience, good communication skills and deep knowing of the subject.

– Per partecipare al Suo prossimo workshop una persona deve già avere tanta esperienza fotografica ed essere professionista oppure basta essere appassionato sia di fotografia che di danza?

To participate at your upcoming workshop, is it necessary to be a professional or it is enough to be passionate of dance and photography?

– Deve almeno avere una buona conoscenza della fotografia di base, è un corso di perfezionamento per cui conoscere la danza aiuterebbe.

It is necessary to have at least the basic knowledge of photography, it is an advanced training course for which it is quite useful to know something about dance, also.

– Un consiglio del Maestro Abbondanza a tutti i nostri lettori che stanno all’inizio del loro percorso nel mondo della fotografia di danza.

One advice from Maestro Abbondanza for all of our readers who are now in the beginning of their walk in the world of dance photography.

– E’ un mondo con regole proprie, l’impressione iniziale di non capire perfettamente quello che succede non vi deve spaventare, sarà un’esperienza entusiasmante.

It is a world with its own rules, the first impression of not being able to understand anything shouldn’t scare you, it will be a very enthusiastic experience.

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