Positano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Si è tenuto a Positano, come ogni anno, tradizionalmente la 44^ edizione di Positano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine 2016. Tante personalità di spicco del panorama della danza internazionale sono state premiate e tanti artisti di alto coefficiente artistico si sono esibiti, rendendo la notte di Positano davvero magica.
La direzione artistica è a cura di Laura Valente e Alfio Agostini.

Le foto sono state ritratte da Antonio Azzurro per conto di Anna Pavlova Network. Courtesy of Positano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine 2016.

This year a traditional 44th edition of Positano Premia la Danza Léonid massine 2016 has been held in Positano, as it is done every year. A lot of very important and outstanding personages of international dance have been rewarded and many talented dancers of the highest level have performed on stage which made this beautiful Positano night really special, under the artistic direction of Laura Valente and Alfio Agostini.

The photos have been made by Antonio Azzurro especially for anna Pavlova Network. Courtesy of Positano Premia la Danza Léonide Massine 2016.



Mattia Russo, Compañía Nacional de Danza, Madrid

Danzatore del Anno



Vladimir Vasiliev

Premio alla Carriera



Maëva Cotton, Ballet Nice Méditerranée

Alessio Passaquindici, Ballet Nice Méditerranée

Danzatori del Anno



Richard Bonynge,

Premio Musica per la Danza



Michael Trusnovec, Compagnia Principale di Paul Taylor USA

Danzatore del Anno



Uno dei momenti della Premiazione


Photo by Antonio Azzurro Photography, All Rights Reserved



Irina Mattioli and Alisa Uzunova shooting in Rome. Backstage

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Irina Mattioli, our Photo Contest Winner 2016, has continued her artistic collaboration with Alisa Valerieva Uzunova and Anna Pavlova Network. This time our shooting has taken place in Rome, with assistance of an Italian photographer Angelo Talia. Irina is always in search of locations  that express the city’s real spirit hidden from touristic crowds. Shooting in palazzo Mattei has been a very inspiring experience. Alisa has a talent of fitting perfectly into any type of location, but the sophisticated historical environment of an ancient Roman mansion seems to be ideal for this young talented dancer. The stairs and the court yard of a typical down town Rome house was another place where we worked the day after the Anna Pavlova Photo Contest Roman inauguration. A well known Italian designer Italo Marseglia has kindly provided some of his beautiful outfits for the shooting and they have become a very unusual “frame” for Alisa’s improvisations in front of Irina’s camera. We hope that this international collaboration will continue and, together with Anna Pavlova Network, Irina Mattioli and Alisa Uzunova will create new artistic images in other cities that  mean a lot in the artistic destiny of the ballerina and the photographer.









Backstage by ©Pavlova Network, all rights reserved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest 2016 Inauguaration in Rome

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The 14th of September 2016 is a very important day for the Anna Pavlova Network – we have opened the exhibition of The First International Ballet Photo Contest in Rome, at the Officine Fotografiche. The road to realisation of this dream has been long and difficult but it came true with the help of our beautiful friends and cooperators. It has become a living proof of how powerful collaborations among artists and creative people can be.


We all divide the same passion for dance and cherish the art of photographers who work selflessly to express the beauty of it through their images. The opening of the exhibition was meant to demonstrate how dance and photography perfectly go together. The photos on the walls have become an inspirational environment for the dancers whose bodies were moving to the sounds of music, and our guests have had an opportunity to admire both photography and dance in the immediate closeness to the show. The idea was to celebrate the art both of those who dance and  who dedicate their lives to “catching” dance in still images. It has been realised thanks to the efforts of our partners of Forballet.it, Rome and ACSI Ballet, Naples.

Madam Teresita del Vecchio has taken a very important part in the organisation of the event, being a real “guarding angel” for us in Rome. She gathered several Roman choreographers under the roof  of the Officine Fotografiche. Tiziano di Muzio, Rossana Longo, Daniel Pace, Mirko Boemi, Gisella Biondo, Stefano D’Aniello and their young dancers have realised some outstanding and touching peaces of choreography that created a special mood of the event.









Maestro Dino Carano has brought his choreography Memories passionately performed  by Federica Gaia Colucci who  collaborated with Anna Pavlova Network as a model  for international ballet photo shootings before and we hope will work with us in the future.




The presence of Alisa Valerieva Uzunova at the event and her performance for the guests have become a real gift! Our collaboration with this outstandingly gifted young dancer is very important to us. Alisa is the protagonist of Irina Mattioli’s International Ballet Photo Project that has been realised together with Anna Pavlova Network in Saint Petersburg and Rome. Other locations are on the way!



Speaking of the Opening, we have been happy to see so many of our friends, partners and Contest participants celebrating together! Some of them have come from other countries, as Photographer Baki (Corea) and Bożena Pazgan (Poland) and we really appreciate their support and friendship. It is great that some ideas of collaborations and future projects with these artists have been born during their visit!



Italy has been widely represented among our special guests. To begin with, the Winner of the Contest is Irina Mattioli and it is so great that  the first exhibition has taken place in the city where this young talented photographer lives and works! One of the Contest jurors an outstanding Italian ballet photographer Pierluigi Abbondanza has taken part in the inauguration. Movement and Passion category winner Luca Di Bartolo,  the Contest finalists and Special Mentions Federica Capo, Roberto Casasola of Ballerina Art, Massimiliano Fusco of Ballet in Rome have been present at the opening and it has been so exciting to see them and congratulate them personally. Antonio Azzurro is not only one of the finalists 2016 but also a very active member of Anna Pavlova Network who always supports our new initiatives and projects. This time he has taken an important part in the organisation of the exhibition and worked as the official photographer of the ceremony.  Special thanks from the Anna Pavlova Network go to Nunzio Striano of ACSI Napoli Executive and Carlo Alessandro Argenzio, film director and video maker who came  to support us in such an important moment and have become an irreplaceable part of the team!







When your media partner is Danzaeffebi it is a great honour but also a great responsibility! Seeing Madam Francesca Bernabini, a very well known and influential Italian dance journalist at our first Roman event is a real acknowledgment of our efforts and we are veery grateful for it.


Unfortunately our friends from Moscow Ballet Maniacs haven’t been able to visit Rome in these days but they have taken part by sending a gift to the winner Irina Mattioli and presenting their beautiful promo video to the guests. Riccardo Mangiarotti of Panatronics Srl is our technical partner and we really appreciate that he came all the way from Milan to be at the opening. We also thank Riccardo De Santis of SmartSystem, Fano for being present as one of our guests and technical supporters of the event and bringing their gimbals distributed by Panatronics.


It is quite hard to list everybody who contributed to our work and all of them are important and appreciated. Finishing this article, we would like to bring our special thanks to Emilio D’Itri, Elena Giorgieri and Annalisa Polli of the Officine Fotografiche Roma – a special place that will always remain in our hearts as the first “home” of our very first Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest Exhibition in Rome!


Anna Pavlova Network, all rights reserved. Photos by: Antonio Azzurro Photography.


The program of Exhibition 2016 at the Officine Fotografiche Roma

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]MY ROOTS

Choreography by Alisa Valerieva Uzunova

Dancer: Alisa Valerieva Uzunova



Choreography by Dino Carano

Dancers: Mara Carano and Nicola Assalto



Choreography by Tiziano Di Muzio

Dancers: TDM Dance Group/Elena Fogliano, Elisa Fusco



Choreography by Holta Bitri

Dancer: Devis Masini



Choreography by Stefano D’Aniello

Dancers: Stefano D’Aniello and Mattia Trematerra



Choreography by Gisella Biondo

Dancer: Claudia Bombacigno



Choreography by Mirko Boemi

Dancer: Alessandro Saputo



Choreography by Daniel Pace

Dancer: Daniel Pace



Choreography by Rossana  Longo

Dancers: Sofia Scacciafratte and Sofia Zambotto


Special thanks to Madam Teresita del Vecchio, Maestro Dino Carano and Maestro Emilio D’Itri  for making this possible .


Featured image  by IRINA MATTIOLI PHOTOGRAPHY, all rights reserved[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Andrey Stanko about his workshop in Milan

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Мой первый воркшоп в Италии отличался прежде всего тем, что пришлось вести его на трех языках одновременно. Пришлось урезать часть программы, поскольку хотелось дать участникам возможность сделать как можно больше кадров самостоятельно. В Украине я провожу более интенсивный курс, но с точки зрения получения практических навыков, итальянский вариант более эффективен, поскольку каждый участник, помимо новой информации получает достаточное количество исходного материала для своего портфолио. Ну и надо же оставить что-то на следующие воркшопы)

Our Italian workshop was different from my usual classes in Ukraine, first of all because it was held in three languages at the same time. A small part of the program was left out because I wanted to give a chance to everybody to make more picks on their own. In Ukraine my course is more intense, but the Italian variant is more practical, it has been more effective because every participant has created a lot of material of their own for their portfolios. And we have something to work on left for the next workshops)

Workshop Milano1

Итальянский фотограф мне ближе, поскольку уделяет намного больше внимания качеству самого исходного кадра, а не постобработке. Как говорят мои друзья галеристы, в восточной Европе слишком мало фотографий и слишком много фотошопа. С точки зрения коммуникабельности – итальянцы более активны, задают больше вопросов и проявляют больше самостоятельности. В нашей стране, подобные мероприятия чаще выглядят как бенефис одного актера, а не как коллективное творчество.

Italian photographers are “closer” to me because they pay a lot of attention to the quality of initial picks and not to post production. My friends who have their galleries in the Eastern Europe say that they see too much photoshop and too little photographs. Italians communicate more actively, they ask many questions and they express themselves easier. In our country such events usually look like a benefit performance of one actor  – the leading photographer, not as a collective work of art.

Я стараюсь дать понимание азов работы со студийным светом. Ничего сложного в студийной работе нет, главное научиться видеть, как работает свет. Собственно этому я и пытаюсь научить аудиторию. Видение света помогает работать в любых условиях. Как на улице, так и в помещении. А студия дает уникальную возможность самому полностью моделировать свет и научиться его эффективно использовать для любых условий съемки. Плюс получить начальные навыки быстро адаптироваться на месте, независимо от условий освещенности.

I always try to give the basics of work with studio lights. There is nothing too difficult in studio work, but you have to know well how the lights function. That is the main thing that I seek to teach the audience. The right seeing of the lights help working in all types of conditions. On open air photo sessions and inside. Studios give a unique opportunity to model the lights and learn to work in different lights conditions. And you can learn to adjust to the situation quickly and work no matter what type of light you have.

 Психологическая связь при проведении подобных фотопроектов возникает очень быстро. Главное заинтересовать и увлечь участников чем-то новым для них. Поэтому формат коллективного творчества, как воркшоп,  самый интересный и эффективный. И главный фирменный прием – дать возможность участникам сделать как можно больше кадров. Иногда, проводя подобные фотопроекты, мне самому удается сделать всего с десяток кадров – на большее у меня не хватает времени и возможности, поскольку приходится держать под контролем весь процесс съемки. Одному нужно помочь с настройками, другому с выбором ракурса, плюс следить за тем, чтобы каждый мог сделать свой хороший кадр, плюс поправлять свет и работать с моделью. Фотографы – весьма сложная аудитория) каждый по отдельности, увидев кадр может забыть о том, что он не один в студии, и нужно дать другому участнику тоже сделать кадр. Иногда возникает массовый ажиотаж – за этим приходится следить.

The emotional connection  on such projects appears very quickly. The most important thing is to attract the participants with something new and different from what they already know. These events of collective activity such as workshops are usually the most “vivid” and “alive”. My winning combination is to let people make more photos of their own. Sometimes, holding workshops like this, I make only about ten picks myself because I don’t have time to shoot, I have to hold under control  the whole process of shooting for all the participants. One photographer needs help with settings, another one needs an advice about foreshortening. I need to keep an eye on everyone’s work, sometimes people get so involved and forget that they are not alone in the studios. Photographers are a very special type of audience, sometimes they create chaos and I have to control it.

Собственно выбор модели не столь важен. Критериев два – желание и готовность работать, и умение слушать и слышать.  Самое главное – увлечь модель процессом съемки, зажечь ее, дать энергетику, дать возможность проявить свою собственную инициативу. Как мне кажется, мне это удалось.

The choice of a model itself is not crucial. There are two guidelines – she has to be interested in working and she has to know how to listen and understand. It’s important to inspire the model, make her feel the energy of the creative process, let her express her own initiative also.

Workshop Milan3

Вера Сантагата была великолепна! По готовности и умению работать – она Best Of The Best. Она не только работает, она сама творит. Не модель, а мечта художника. Она, как минимум, полноценный соавтор. 10+ из 10 возможных.

 Vera Santagata, our model in Milan, was just awesome! She is the best of the best on the level of work capability. She does not only work, but she creates art herself. She is an artist’s dream. And she is a full value coworker. 10+ out of possible 10 grades.

Я очень рад и доволен их результатами. По их результатам я могу однозначно сказать – воркшоп удался.

I am very content with the results of our Milan workshop participants work, with what they have created. As for me, the event has become a great success.

Panatronics Studios – отличная студия. Единственный минус для меня, как фотографа – это ее специализация для съемки видео. Мне не хватало фонов и источников света с высокоскоростным импульсом для “заморозки” движения. Статику снимать – великолепно. Динамику – очень сложно. В этом смысле ожидания не совсем оправдались. Но с учетом специализации студии – чтобы снимать видео (его я тоже снимаю) великолепная видео студия с огромным выбором источников постоянного освещения.

The Panatronics Studios, our  location in Milan is a great studios. It is more adapted to video shooting, it was great shooting static moments and a bit more difficult working with movement. But, being a video maker myself, I can say that it is a perfect location with a great choice of lights.

 Workshop Milan2

Поскольку воркшоп будет происходить на открытом воздухе – главное внимание будет посвящено движению и динамике с учетом условий освещения и места съемки. Будем использовать дополнительные источники освещения и отражающие поверхности. Будет интересно!

Our next workshop in Italy (Naples) will be held outside, with breathtaking backgrounds of the old city.The most part of the workshop will be dedicated to movement and dynamics in different light and location conditions. We will be using additional lights and reflecting surfaces.


Дорогие друзья! Большое спасибо за выше внимание и тот теплый прием, который вы мне оказали в Италии. Жду нашей скорой встречи!

Dear friends, thank you very much for your attention to my art and your hospitality. Looking forward to our next meeting!

Workshop Milano7    




Andrey Stanko. Wokshop in Naples, Italy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Locandina luglio Stanko

Don’t loose your chance to take part in a great open air dance photography workshop that will take place in breathtaking locations of Naples.

Maestro Stanko is a well known specialist in ballet photography and it will be his second workshop in Italy. The most important part of Andrey Stanko’s workshops is practice. Revealing his secrets to the students he lets everyone try the new knowledge in their work and see together what a huge difference little details can make.

The program of this workshop includes:

working with lights and flashes on open air photo sessions,

working with models and creation of poses,


choice of background,

psychological aspects of working out of the studio for photographers and models,

practice of shooting a professional ballet dancer for all the participants


Use this unique chance to grow professionally while on vacation in one of the most beautiful places of Europe.

Participation fee: 150 euros[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]