Anna Pavlova

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Ballet photography  has been changing a lot with time. One thing remains always the same – a photographer’s desire to capture the passion and the talent of his models. Today we publish some of Anna Pavlova‘s images made in different countries by different photographers. Anna Pavlova was one of the most celebrated ballerinas of her time and now we have an opportunity to enjoy and study her photographical legacy, getting a bit closer to the genius of the most mythic Dying Swan of all times.

There are tons of biographical material about this unique ballerina who is a symbol of originality and freedom of  expression for the  generations  of dancers that came after her. Our aim is not to tell the story of her life yet another time but to share some work of photographers who were lucky and blessed to have Anna Pavlova as a model in their artistic careers.



Anna Pavlova in Rondino, by Mishkin, 1914



Anna Pavlova by Studio Moreschi, Italy



Anna Pavlova by Herm. Leiser of Berlin



Anna Pavlova by Schneider



Anna Pavlova by Samuels LTD, London