BalletXtreme and Myrna Kamara in Italy

“The Knights of Destiny” is a ballet performed by BalletXtreme, Swiss company arrived in Italy together with Madam Myrna Kamara, a well known international étoile.

The event took place at Verona Philharmonic Theatre this November. It became a wonderful possibility for Italian ballet lovers to see ballet of the highest international level.

Also, the artistic project included he participation of a young Italians dance company born last year and called Neo Ballet Verona. The company is formed and curated by the Academy d’Art Coregraphique and directed by Madam Monique Pepi. Twelve carefully selected “under 21” dancers from Italy, Holland and Switzerland performed in the first part of the evening with three short  choreographies. The second part was dedicated totally to the “Knights of Destiny”performed by BalletXtreme of Zurich. Myrna Kamara was present on stage together with four soloists (Luca Giaccio, Arman Grigoryan, Danilo Palmieri and Gabriel Stoyanov).

Today we are happy to share a series of photos made in occasion of this international performance by our partner and contributor Giovanni Vecchi. As always, with the highest level of professionalism and artistic “taste”.

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All photography by Giovanni Vecchi. Anna Pavlova Network 2018, all rights reserved

Special thanks to Madam Yvette Bernasconi