Niv Novak. Extension

Niv Novak on his new ultra slow-motion photography project:
“Extension – my new project with dancers to slow time.
The decisive moment of a dance ‘extension’ is a wondrous sight but it’s over in an instant. What if this instant in time could be extended or elongated? Extension was born of this idea.
I collaborated with leading Australian dancers from the Australian ballet for a very special shoot with the goal of showcasing moment-in-time dance. 1 second of real-time dance becomes 40 seconds in extension reels.
It was important to bring my medium format photography feel and studio lighting style to extension reels. Such production is technically challenging and I broke with standard video conventions.
·       Video is usually shot in landscape orientation with a 16:9 aspect ratio. All extension reels were shot with a 3:4 aspect ratio and most were shot in portrait orientation. 
·       Mimicking my studio strobe lighting style was a significant technical challenge. Extremely bright, flicker free-lights are required when shooting at 1000 frames per second.  9000W HMI lights are large, hot and cannot be used with standard photography light modifiers, special modifiers were created for the project.
·      Today there is only one camera capable of shooting 1000 frames per second at 4k resolution, the Phantom Flex 4k camera. Recorded data rates and storage requirements were too, with over over 50 terabytes shot during the nine-day shoot.
New extension reels will be released throughout September.  These can be viewed on: 
Instagram @nivnovak
I hope you enjoy Extension”.
Niv Novak for Anna PavlovaNetwork 2017. All rights reserved