Bożena Pazgan and Svetlana Ovsyankina, Polish National Ballet. Flying over Warsaw

Bożena Pazgan on her photo project with Svetlana Ovsyankina:

What is the biggest passion of every ballet dancer? Ballet of course. But ballet dancers also have other interests, sometimes connected a little bit with their job.

I met Svetlana Ovsyankina from Polish National Ballet thanks to her Instagram posts. Her Instagram account is called “Fit and healthy recipes from ballerina”. Svetlana promotes healthy food and generally healthy life style. As she says: “Healthy diet food does not mean boring and not tasty”. I just love her colorful photos of healthy dishes and what I also like very much is that they are really easy to prepare. It is also very important for me that by her posts she helps people to keep fit and be in better physical condition.

I asked  Svetlana if she wanted to have a ballet photo session with me and she agreed. It was a really excellent afternoon that we spent together. Svetlana is a very nice and understanding person with a great sense of humor.

I had some ideas of places for this session but thanks to Svetlana we could do it in a little bit extraordinary place with astonishing view on Warsaw. It was the roof of our Polish National Opera in Warsaw. I must say that this ballet photo session was really a great adventure and will be always in my memory. From this roof the view is just incredibly beautiful. You may see one of the symbols of Warsaw architecture – “Palace of science and culture” and of course our skyscrapers in the background.

I call this photo session “Flying over Warsaw”. Why ? Because Svetlana was jumping a lot and it looked like she did not use any effort to do it. Just like she was really flying over Warsaw as a magnificent bird. We also took some colorful long clothes (magenta, green and blue) and Svetlana used them while making ballet poses. It created unusual shapes you may admire on our photos”.








All photography by Bożena Pazgan. Anna Pavlova Network 2017, all rights reserved