Viktoria Balaban shooting with Alexej Orlenco of Staatsballett, Berlin

Viktoria Balaban on her collaboration with Alexej Orlenco of Staatsballett Berlin:

“This is not my first shooting with the soloist of the Staatsballett Berlin – Alexei Orlenco and as always it was challenging. After all, ballet dancers are already pieces of art. Hence, photographer’s major mission is creating harmony between the beautiful work of the dancer and his own artistic vision, rather than just placing the dancer in the right position. Personally I was helped by cinematic weather and stunning pre-selected locations which refer to heaven and unearthly landscapes. They became the perfect background for emphasizing the character, whose emotional experiences were so profoundly reproduced. In such collaborations, you clearly feel that Alexei is not just a professional dancer, but a real artist”. 






All photography by Viktoria Balaban. Anna Pavlova Network 2017, all rights reserved.