Ira Yakovleva feat. Maria Shevyakova. Museum of Emotions, St. Petersburg

Maria Shevyakova of Mariinisky Theatre answered our questions about ballet and her collaboration with Ira Yakovleva, Anna Pavlova Network contributor and a very gifted photographer from Saint Petersburg.



AP: Maria, your career  is connected to the greatest ballet institutions of Saint Petersburg – Vaganova Academy and the Mariinsky Theatre. What is the special features and traits of the well known “Saint Petersburg school”, in your opinion?

MS: I think that the Saint Petersburg school is different from others first of
all with its approach to the hands. From our childhood we are tought to
“sing” every movement  with our hands and arms and that this way we can add
soul to the dance.



AP: Your favorite ballet part.

MS: I seek to be fond  of every part that I play but the Second Wife from the
Bakhchisarai Fountain really stands out. It’s very alive, colorful, sexy
and plastic and it’s a real joy for me to play it.


AP: What are the character traits that help to grow in a complicated environment of the ballet world?
MS: I think that the most important trait of character for every ballerina is
diligence and I hope not to be an exeption, too.



AP:Whose opinion of your work is important for you?
MS: The opinion of my teachers is extremely important to me, but so is the
opinion of my colleagues and I am grateful to my friends who will always
truthful without any hint of flattery.


AP: Do you like to e photographed? Tell us a bit about your latest project with Ira Yakovleva.
MS: I was shy to be photographed before but then I met Ira Yakovleva and I am
very lucky to have such a talented photographer among my friends. Thanks to
her I was able to relax and fell the camera. Now even a very difficult
shooting in a crowd of people doesn’t frighten me. Ira always has very
interesting ideas. When she proposed to shoot in the Museum of Emotions I
agreed without even thinking. When we arrived there we found out that we
had to work right at the time of an excursion tour. It didn’t confuse us
and we started shootings full of positive emotions. The guests of the
museum were thrilled to witness such an unusual activity and the tour guide
was very friendly and helpful. On the whole, it was a beautiful and
pleasurable experience!




All photography by Ira Yakovleva

Model: Maria Shevyakova

Outfit by VEZZARIUM Swimwear