Piotr Leczkowski of Foto-Gramy

Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest 2017 Finalist Piotr Leczkowski:

“I cannot say about myself what the others usually boast about. Photography has not been in me for ever. And I was not given my first reflex camera on my fifth birthday. However, since I was a child I have observed the world with a sensitive eye and searched for my own way to express the images and artistic feelings hidden in me. I used to draw and in my adult life I became a professional graphic designer.
I begun my adventure with the photography as a mature person. In retrospect, I think that I started to make photographs at the most suitable age, when the surrounding world stops racing in an incomprehensible direction and starts forming more and more readable sequences.
The photography. It took a long time until I discovered my path, my individual way to show the beauty of this world. I am ready now to speak with a mature and noble voice. I also hope that it is a charming voice, but you have to rate it yourselves”.







Dancers: Natalia Maria Wojciechowska, Polina Rusetskaya, Olga and Wladimir Yaroshenko, Yuka Ebihara

All photography by Piotr Leczkovski, Foto-Gramy.

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