Andrey Bezuglov feat. Alina Polishevskaya in Odessa

Some photographers know how to “tell”  both the beauty of a dancer and the beauty of nature, mixing them with wonderful harmony in their images.

One of such rare talents  is Andrey Bezuglov,  a Ucraine based and world travelling photographer who works with dancers in different breathtaking locations.

His projects are always modern, stylish and fresh and at the same time they have this elegant and noble touch that doesn’t loose its fascination with time.

Today we are proud to present one of our favorite photo series made in Odessa with beautiful Alina Polishevskaya.

Andrey Bezuglov:

“This shooting, as many others, was very spontaneous. Being in Odessa on vacation I had an idea of missing some morning sleep and going to the sea to meet the sunrise.

Alina and I decided to choose just one look for this shooting because we had not more than a couple of free hours.

I think this time we succeeded to make the most out of this quick photo session and I am content with the results. Soon there will be a short video from this shooting, too.”









All photography by Andrey Bezuglov, Anna Pavlova Network 2017, all rights reserved