Summer Ballet Seasons in Moscow. Compagnia Nazionale di R. Paganini

This Summer Ballet Seasons at the RAMT Theatre of Moscow brought a wonderful present to the guests and residents of the Russian capital. Compagnia Nazionale di R. Paganini (artistic direction of Luigi Martelletta) took part in this annual summer ballet festival and Anna Pavlova Network was happy to be present at their performances.

This reportage was made by Elena Pushkina, our officially affiliated photographer, during the “From Tango to Bolero” performance of the Compagnia.

It’s a modern neoclassic choreography that brings together the most passionate and emotionally intense styles of music, such as Argentine Tango, Spanish Bolero and Italian serenades. The choreography actually consists of several plastic “stories” about love, friendship, jealousy and betrayal. The everlasting stories that everybody understands without words.

It was such a pleasure to see such a warm and open hearted reaction of the audience and witness this fifteen minutes passionate ovation for the Italian dancers.

After the performance, Maestro Luigi Martelletta noticed: “This is the first time that we brought our choreography to Russia. It’s not easy to say in advance how the performance ¬†would be accepted by the public, especially the russian public which knows ballet very well and is not easy to conquer. The way how the Moscow audience reacted to our spectacles makes me very proud because it is a special educated audience and we are in the motherland of ballet…I see this tourney as a very important exam that has been passed successfully and now we are ready to continue our collaboration with Russia and make new plans for the future.








All photos by Elena Pushkina, Anna Pavlova Network 2017. All rights reserved