Ira Yakovleva feat. Yuliya Kobzar of Mariinsky Theatre

We are proud to present this new stunning photo series created by Anna Pavlova Network collaborator in Saint Petersburg Ira Yakovleva and her beautiful model Yuliya Kobzar of Mariinsky Theatre.

The hidden places of Saint Petersburg keep giving inspiration to artists, dancers and photographers…
This time Ira chose an absolutely amazing location, mysterious and fabulous, and succeeded to create a special atmosphere of decadence and sophistication which suites the image of Yuliya Kobzar so perfectly.


AP: Dear Yuliya, what is the most impressive event in your ballet career so far?

YK: The premiere of “Yaroslavna” has been a very important event in our  theatre and I was very excited to participate. Lately I have been working on another interesting project but it’s not the time to tell about it yet..

AP: How do you get ready for performances and is it important to have inspiration before entering the stage?

YK: Inspiration… It’s important to have a special mood For example, I one time I was very upset and nervous and even broke a flower right before performing… So it doesn’t always go ideally, everything may happen.



AP: Do you feel “closer” to classical or modern ballet?

YK: Modern is “closer” to me but I am very attracted by the classics, too.


AP: You graduated from one of the greatest ballet schools of the world, Moscow State Academy of Choreography. What would  you advise to the young dancers who hope to enter this prestigious Academy?

YK: The main thing is to believe in yourself and TRUST your teachers, working and giving two hundred percent of your efforts. It’s important to love your profession and study with full devotion. The girls who enter the Academy must understand that becoming a ballerina is a very complicated way. It means struggling with yourself constantly. This way is not for the nervous! Also, they should know that ballet is not the whole world and they must grow in different spheres. Because it happens that students have to leave the Academy and their life must go on despite of it…


AP: If you were asked to give an advice to a person who has never seen ballet which performance he should see first what would you say?

YK: It is not easy to choose just one ballet… Talking about Saint Petersburg, I would advise Le Cheval de Bronze of Yury Smekalov. It’s really beautiful, patriotic, renovated ballet. And it is really touching.

AP: What can you tell us about this photo session with Ira Yakovleva and the stunning location where it took place?

YK: The photos were made in Saint Petersburg, in a deserted mansion. I won’t say where exactly because it must remain our little secret… It’s not the first time that I work with Irina. I could shoot with her every day! Ira is a very positive person and a  very professional photographer. She is ex ballerina herself and it helps her to see professionally what is beautiful and what is not and notice some nuances that others usually miss. Her creative enthusiasm often inspires her to make very unusual shootings.   She is a non stop generator of ideas! It’s great to work when the process of creating is important and not the result. When the camera is in Irina’s hands you can relax and be sure that the pics will be just the best!


AP: Is self expression on camera easy for you?

YK: Yes, because I don’t work in strict conditions. Our shootings are always a creative process!







All photos by Irina Yakovleva

Model: Yuliya Kobzar

Costumes by and SUSHAMORE

Anna Pavlova Network 2017, all rights reserved