Luca Di Bartolo and Alberto Desirò featuring DAP Festival

Luca Di Bartolo, Anna Pavlova Photo Contest 2016 Category Winner , contributes regularly to our Network. This time he shared with us the results of his artistic work done in collaboration with Alberto Desirò at the DAP Festival, International Festival of Dance and Visual Arts held in Pietrasanta, Italy. This is an integrative project of dance, art, music, sculpture and photography and its main idea is to create a special environment for free self expression and collaboration of choreographers, dancers, musicians and artists.


This year DAP Festival launches an International Choreographic Platform. The performances will take place on the stage of the Civic Theatre of Pietrasanta and in the international sculptural Park which will become one of the Outside Locations destined to animate the city and offer a citywide artistic display for the community, the visitor and the passerby.

Ten dancers will be chosen among the participants of the masterclasses of the Festival to make part of The Crowd, an artistic project led by Sebatian Kloborg. They will perform during the Gran Gala on the stage of La Versiliana, the 1st of July 2017.

Dancers all around the world have an opportunity to win scholarships for the DAP College of June 18th – July 1st and visit all  of its international master classes.  by sending their videos to info@dapfestival and taking part in the online Contest. The applications finish on the 5th of April so it’s better to hurry up and enroll now!

One of the main ideas of the event is to connect the project to photography and visual media in order to enhance its artistic and experimental quality. Six films will be produced during the Festival. Five of them will be dedicated to the choreographies of the participants of the Festival and the sixth will tell about “The Croud”, choreography created by Sebastian Kloborg in collaboration with Jorden Sorensen and Kim Helweg, with the artistic direction of Madam Adria Ferrali.


Anna Pavlova Network will be happy to follow all the initiatives  of this wonderful multicultural project. Don’t miss new reportages by Luca Di Bartolo who has his finger on the pulse of the DAP Festival in Pietrasanta, directed by incomparable Adria Ferrali, dancer, teacher and choreographer whose international career and attitude let her lead this challenging project with great mastership nd professionalism.