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The Russian capital is full of cultural events that happen every day in various locations, but there is one that no ballet and music lover should miss – CONFESSION of Andrey Merkuriev that will take place on February 22 at the Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow. It will be the first evening of a series of meetings  that unite ballet, symphonic music, poetry, drama and visual arts. It is meant to become a platform for artistic experiments of all kinds, search for new languages and methods of expression.

Maestro Andrey Merkuriev has created the event in collaboration with Madam Alevtina Ioffe, its Main Conductor and Musical Director. The audience will see the premier of one act ballet  “W.Oda”, music by a  well known composer-minimalist Philip Glass. One of the most prominent modern composers turned 80 this January. It was a long time dream of Andrey Merkuriev to combine his choreography with Glass’s plastic and “sentimental” music and Andrey is happy to be able to make this premier a special birthday gift for the great composer.

The second premier is one act ballet to the music “VerklarteNacht” by Arnold Shöenberg written in 1899. Shöenberg was  the founder of expressionism in music but ironically the recognition was brought to him by this very romantic string sestet. The idea of creating a ballet for such “non ballet” type of music belongs to Teodor Currentzis, another musical rebel. The ballet choreographed by Andrey Merkuriev has received an exceptional standing ovation in Perm and it will be performed in Moscow for the first time.

Both premieres are inspired by the theme of love and Andrey Merkuriev underlines how important it is for him to express it to his audience: “I hope that the public will feel our love because this event is actually a Declaration of Love made by the dancers to the audience and vice versa. It is also my personal declaration of love to my partners  – dancers and solists of the Bolshoi Theatre those who agreed to support me and participate in  this new project. Many of them have done it despite their huge amount of work, even canceling tours and other appointments. I am extremely happy and grateful about that!”

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