Zorán Varga Photography. Hungary

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Tell us how your interest in photographing dancers was born? Was there something that influenced your decision?

Since I was little, I always had an interest in contemporary dance, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics.

The contour of the human body in movement excited me the most. And when these dynamic forms were fused with music, well that was the real deal. 🙂

As I preferred outdoor shootings I wanted to bring together two of my favourite things, the location of my home town and dancing figures. This is how one of my series ‘Dance for me Budapest’ was born in 2014.

When shooting dancers, what is the most important thing a photographer must know to have good results?

– For me, it is light. It is essential to know how it works and how the model moves with it. Bringing these two together is the key to have good results.

Also knowing the rules of light and controlling it on the body’s surface is necessary to express emotions through anatomy.

The next important thing is the teamwork with the models. Their mobility, flexibility and personality are essentials when it comes to collaborating.

When you prepare for a dance photo session do you plan everything in advance? Or do you improvise more?

– I like both planning and improvising at the same time for the sessions. Preparations involve reaseraching inspirations, locations, outfits but I let myself go with the flow and creating new plans on set.

I believe in happy accidents. 🙂

Please tell us how your collaborations with dancers are born. Who are your favorite models?

– My career in dance photography started about 10 years ago, when I was only 19, I had an opportunity to work with a contemporary dance company.

They asked me to take photos for their branding and they used my pictures as posters for their upcoming shows. I felt so lucky, as back then I was a newbie to photography.

The pictures turned out very well and it gave me the confidence to carry on dance photography.

I like working with a model whose mind think alike. Synergy is important for my work.

The first stage of shooting is discovering the models’s character and it reveals soon if the dancer feels my vision after a few instructions.

If it happens, words are unnecessary towards the end of the shoot.

You work a lot both in studios and outside. What are the rules that you follow while shooting outdoors and what are your special “tricks” for your most effective studio work?

– When it comes to outdoor shooting I like to use props, for example to bring airy textiles to the concept. It is beautiful how it flows in the wind and capable to dance around the model’s body.

Also the balance of the composition ‘light-background-movement’ is exciting and gives me many ideas through the shooting.

Studio work is a bit more challenging because it gives lack of variability. However it is more suitable to create unnatural or even supernatural images. I like exploring these kind of otherwordly visions in my work.

And of course retouch is essential for both indoor and outdoor photography to enhance the results.

Please reveal your artistic goal for the future, in the field of dance photography

– I would  love to continue shooting with talented dancers, and expressing emotions via their art.

I’d also like to transition from shooting to directing videos.

Movement into motion would be a whole new and exciting world for me. 🙂

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