Svetlana Zakharova’s Diamond

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Yesterday an extraordinary  event took place at the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow. One and only Svetlana Zakharova was  given a special ALROSA certificate in a very solemn atmosphere of the Bolshoi Green Reception Room. This certificate presented to one of the most outstanding prima ballerinas of the world by the amorosa vice president Vladislav Zhdanov. One of the 16 most stunning  brilliants united in the ALROSA’s personalised collection dedicated to important cultural personages was named after Svetlana Zakharova. This “Ballerina  Zakharova” brilliant’s weight  is 58,4 karat  and it is kept at the State Depositary of Russia.

This occurrence demonstrated yet one more time that the overall interest to ballet and the recognition of dance as  one of the most sophisticated arts has been growing notably lately. We hope that the process will continue and will have its effect on popularity of classical ballet among all groups of public!

Anna Pavlova Network is proud to present some of the photos made at the Ceremony by our correspondent and member photographer Elena Pushkina.

We thank the Administration of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow for this unique opportunity.

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