Christmas Ballet Gala. Scheherazade

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The best holiday gift was made to ballet lovers  on yesterday’s cold Moscow night – CHRISTMAS BALLET GALA held on stage of the State Kremlin Palace and brought to us by the efforts of a wonderful international team and brilliantly registered by Maestro Andris Liepa.

We were lucky to spend the whole day in Kremlin and witness the mesmerising process of ultimate preparations for the spectacle. Needless to say that watching professionals of such a level at work is a joy and a blessing. The atmosphere was very friendly and this special feeling of “pre performance” excitement  was transmitted even to those who, like us, didn’t have to go on stage that night.

We would like to divide our publication about this event in two parts because it actually consisted of two independent performances and each of them deserves being presented separately. The evening began with  SCHEHERAZADE ballet and was continued with the gala.

The premiere of this magical ballet took place in 1910 by Les Ballets Russes de Serge Diaghilev at the The Opera de Paris, choreography by Michel Fokine, music by Rimsky-Korsakov, scenery and costume design by Léon Bakst. This dance drama was the first production completely devised by Diaghilev bringing together vivid visual spectacle, powerful choreography and the symphonic suite based on tales from the Arabian Nights.

Scheherazade is not just a genius spectacle but a real treasure among those that represent the glory of Russian ballet. It was renewed by Maestro Andris Liepa and brought on stage with the decorations and costumes based on  the historical Bakst’s sketches and created by Anatoly Nejny. Thanks to their work  the audience of Kremlin State Palace had a priceless experience of practically “touching” the story and travelling back in time.

The whole performance was overwhelming from the first to the last second. The absolute stars of the night were, without doubt, Maria Vinogradova as Zoebeida and Ivan Vasiliev as the Golden Slave.

The brilliant duet  sparkled with energy and presented the ideal combination of gracefulness, passion and sensuality. Ivan not only demonstrated his breathtaking technique as a dancer, but made the hearts of all the viewers beat faster thanks to his unique acting talent. Every of his face impressions perfectly corresponded to the role and was fulfilled with emotions. Indeed, his thrill and expressiveness  made a perfect couple with the refined beauty of Maria Vinogradova’s performance.

Today we are happy to share this photo series made by Anna Pavlova Network collaborator ELENA PUSHKINA (Triple View Studio) dedicated completely to Ivan Vasiliev and Maria Vinogradova in Christmas Ballet Gala Scheherazade!

Special thanks to Konstantin Yaroshevsky.

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