In Context Exhibition in Moscow

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If you are in Moscow please plan your time carefully – there is one event that you can not miss if ballet photography is among your interests!

Today is the opening day of the exhibition “In Context” which consists of the best photos made by the participants of a very special stage photography workshop held during the IV International Festival of modern choreography  Context Diana Vishneva this November. The workshop made part of the educational concept of the festival, which first of all deals with creation of the unique multicultural space open to all types of art connected with dance.

The participants of the workshop not only attended lectures of a very well known stage and ballet photographer and artist from Saint Petersburg Mark Olich. They had an outstanding opportunity to shoot during the rehearsals and performances of the Context 2016. The exhibition is the result of this experience.

The photographers Алексей БорисовНаталья Воронова (Natalia Voronova)Ольга МихайловаElena LekhovaDmitriy YermolayevАндрей Хиловский (Andrey Khilovsky) went through a “full immersion” into the atmosphere of the Festival and now they are happy to share their emotions and impressions with the guests of the exhibition.

The Curator  Марк Олич (Mark Olich) was working side by side with them from the first minutes of the festival. He is an outstanding artist whose style and technique are recognised and appreciated all over the world. We hope to devote one of our future publications to his art and tel you more about Mark who, besides Context, collaborates with Mariinskij theatre, Dance open Festival, Vaganova Academy, Eifman Ballet and others.

The exhibition will take place at the Hyundai Motor studio, Novy Arbat 21, Moscow from the 5th to the 18th of December.

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