Alice Blangero. Diana Vishneva and Jean-Christophe Maillot

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Alice Blangero captures the work of Le Ballets des Monte-Carlo company photographing their performances as well as rehearsals. As a gifted artist, Alice succeeds to not simply make reportages and fixate the story of one of the most prominent companies of the world but also create emotionally  intense portraits of the dancers and their artistic director Maestro Jean-Christophe Maillot.

Jean-Christophe devotes all of his time and energy to the company and rarely participates in any external collaborations. But Maestro made an exception and was happy to make part of a mutual artistic project with one of the best etoile of our time Diana Vishneva. He participates in the creation of the ballet Gala Le Divertissment du Roi which was presented to the public at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on the 30th of September 2016. The Gala was meant as to be an introduction to the world of Diana and consisted of three short productions, one of them created by Maestro Maillot. Strikingly, Maillot was among the jury in 1994 at Prix de Lausanne where Diana received her first international award Grand Prix and the golden medal which has never been conferred again ever since. Eighteen years later Maillot staged Switch especially for the Russian Etoile.

Alice witnessed the whole process of collaboration between Diana and Jean Christophe and created an absolutely stunning photo series which transmits perfectly the spirit,  the characters and the interaction of the two stars.

The photographer kindly responded our questions:

As the Monte Carlo Ballets official photographer you spend a lot of time in the rehearsals with the dancers. How can you describe the atmosphere of this company working together?

– L’Atelier is a magical place where artists from all over the world work with admirable discipline and dedication.

Being a witness to this process, from rehearsals to presentations, is very inspiring.

Is it difficult to photograph Jean Christophe at work?

– Jean Christophe has a special relationship with dancers.

A certain form of intimacy is necessary between them since they are the vectors of what he wants to express and show through his choreography.

Photographing him during  rehearsals is not difficult because he got used to my presence, just like the dances did.

This regular proximity offers me the opportunity to capture rare moments.

How would you describe the difference between shooting during rehearsals and other types of dance photography? Which type is your favorite?

– The intention is not quite the same.

I’m more in search during rehearsals. I try to analyze the choreography as much as possible and I observe  the dancers very carefully.

Once on stage I try to make the image that will highlight the work of the choreographer but also that of dancers, lights, costumes etc …

Finally, the two domains are complementary: the repetitions may enrich  my personal work more but the photos made on stage are the culmination of the process.

Please tell us more about the Diana Vishneva’s visit to “The Ballets of Monte Carlo” that we can see on this photo series:

The rehearsal with Maestro JC Maillot was that of the ballet Gala “Le Divertissement du Roi”?

Jean Christophe plays a very important «symbolic» role in Diana’s artistic career

Does their special connection feel when they rehearse together?

What artistic methods did you use as a photographer to express your impression of this special shooting?

– This series with Diana was performed during a rehearsal for the Gala “Le Divertissement du Roi” where among other pieces she danced a solo created especially for her by Jean Christophe Maillot, an excerpt from the play Switch.

This was indeed a great collaboration between them.

Diana has already worked with a lot of choreographers and wanted to work with Maillot also.

Jean Christophe very rarely creates choreography for any  dancers who do not make part of his company, but working with Diana alongside of two of the company’s emblematic dancers – Bernice Coppieters and Gaëtan Morlotti – was an exciting prospect and he  shared this experience with great pleasure.

I had the opportunity to photograph Diana during the creation and the representations of Switch and I was happy to witness this unique process. This is what I wanted to express in this series.

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