Opening of Maya Plisetskaya monument in Moscow

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Today is Maya Plisetskaya’s 91st birthday and her monument was solemnly opened this morning in Moscow.

Viktor Mitroshin, the sculptor, created a stunning image of one of the best ballerinas of the XX century, immortalising her as Carmen. This role represents her passion and unbelievable energy that characterised Maya as a person and as a dancer.

There were many important guests present at the ceremony. Surely, the most moving speech was made by Maya’s husband and a great Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin. He admitted that it was a difficult and very emotional moment to witness the opening of this monument yet Maestro found the right and beautiful words to express his deep feelings.

Maestro Valery Gergiev, a Russian conductor and opera company director, came to Moscow especially to take part in the ceremony. His art is in great demand throughout the world and it is always a  pleasure to see how unpretentious and modest are the people who actually play the most important roles in the modern classical culture.

It was impressive to see how on this cold and sunny Moscow morning Maya Plisetskaya brought together  simple ballet lovers, ministers, theatre directors, composers and dancers  in the unique impulse of admiration of Art.

Special thanks to Anna Pavlova Network collaborator Elena Pushkina for a wonderful photo reportage!

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