Kremlin Gala 2016. Reportage by Alex Pankov

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One of the most long-awaited events in the world of ballet has taken place in Moscow on the 15th of October. Kremlin Gala presented its outstanding program to the audience that consisted of more than  six thousands of ballet lovers.

The team of Kremlin Gala demonstrated the highest level of organisation and a great example of a well balanced performance that can be interesting to everybody and this is not a common phrase. Being among the public it was easy to notice how both important and experienced ballet personages and people who obviously knew nothing about ballet and came to the theatre for the first time were equally fascinated by the show. This is a sign of the work done perfect!

It was also evident that this performance was very significant for the dancers, too. The guests from Staatsballet Berlin, the Royal Ballet, Dortmund Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and others were happy and proud to make part of this gala and we thank the Direction for inviting them and making such a luxurious gift to the audience. Surely, the presence of  principles and etoiles of the best Russian theatres such as Bolshoi of Moscow, Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theatres of Saint Petersburg brought the event to the highest heights that can possibly exist in ballet today.

Today we are happy to present some of the photos made by our collaborator Alex Pankov during the performances and we will publish his big material “The Day with Kremlin Gala” later. It will tell about one of the most important days for any ballet photographer of Russia – the day spent in the company of great dancers and choreographers before and during Kremlin Gala. All the emotions and excitement that we do not see while in the audience and how they are transformed into a professional and beautiful performance – this will be the main theme of Alex’s article. And now please enjoy the first reportage dedicated to Kremlin Gala.

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