Irina Mattioli and Alisa Uzunova shooting in Rome. Backstage

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Irina Mattioli, our Photo Contest Winner 2016, has continued her artistic collaboration with Alisa Valerieva Uzunova and Anna Pavlova Network. This time our shooting has taken place in Rome, with assistance of an Italian photographer Angelo Talia. Irina is always in search of locations  that express the city’s real spirit hidden from touristic crowds. Shooting in palazzo Mattei has been a very inspiring experience. Alisa has a talent of fitting perfectly into any type of location, but the sophisticated historical environment of an ancient Roman mansion seems to be ideal for this young talented dancer. The stairs and the court yard of a typical down town Rome house was another place where we worked the day after the Anna Pavlova Photo Contest Roman inauguration. A well known Italian designer Italo Marseglia has kindly provided some of his beautiful outfits for the shooting and they have become a very unusual “frame” for Alisa’s improvisations in front of Irina’s camera. We hope that this international collaboration will continue and, together with Anna Pavlova Network, Irina Mattioli and Alisa Uzunova will create new artistic images in other cities that  mean a lot in the artistic destiny of the ballerina and the photographer.









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