Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest 2016 Inauguaration in Rome

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The 14th of September 2016 is a very important day for the Anna Pavlova Network – we have opened the exhibition of The First International Ballet Photo Contest in Rome, at the Officine Fotografiche. The road to realisation of this dream has been long and difficult but it came true with the help of our beautiful friends and cooperators. It has become a living proof of how powerful collaborations among artists and creative people can be.


We all divide the same passion for dance and cherish the art of photographers who work selflessly to express the beauty of it through their images. The opening of the exhibition was meant to demonstrate how dance and photography perfectly go together. The photos on the walls have become an inspirational environment for the dancers whose bodies were moving to the sounds of music, and our guests have had an opportunity to admire both photography and dance in the immediate closeness to the show. The idea was to celebrate the art both of those who dance and  who dedicate their lives to “catching” dance in still images. It has been realised thanks to the efforts of our partners of, Rome and ACSI Ballet, Naples.

Madam Teresita del Vecchio has taken a very important part in the organisation of the event, being a real “guarding angel” for us in Rome. She gathered several Roman choreographers under the roof  of the Officine Fotografiche. Tiziano di Muzio, Rossana Longo, Daniel Pace, Mirko Boemi, Gisella Biondo, Stefano D’Aniello and their young dancers have realised some outstanding and touching peaces of choreography that created a special mood of the event.









Maestro Dino Carano has brought his choreography Memories passionately performed  by Federica Gaia Colucci who  collaborated with Anna Pavlova Network as a model  for international ballet photo shootings before and we hope will work with us in the future.




The presence of Alisa Valerieva Uzunova at the event and her performance for the guests have become a real gift! Our collaboration with this outstandingly gifted young dancer is very important to us. Alisa is the protagonist of Irina Mattioli’s International Ballet Photo Project that has been realised together with Anna Pavlova Network in Saint Petersburg and Rome. Other locations are on the way!



Speaking of the Opening, we have been happy to see so many of our friends, partners and Contest participants celebrating together! Some of them have come from other countries, as Photographer Baki (Corea) and Bożena Pazgan (Poland) and we really appreciate their support and friendship. It is great that some ideas of collaborations and future projects with these artists have been born during their visit!



Italy has been widely represented among our special guests. To begin with, the Winner of the Contest is Irina Mattioli and it is so great that  the first exhibition has taken place in the city where this young talented photographer lives and works! One of the Contest jurors an outstanding Italian ballet photographer Pierluigi Abbondanza has taken part in the inauguration. Movement and Passion category winner Luca Di Bartolo,  the Contest finalists and Special Mentions Federica Capo, Roberto Casasola of Ballerina Art, Massimiliano Fusco of Ballet in Rome have been present at the opening and it has been so exciting to see them and congratulate them personally. Antonio Azzurro is not only one of the finalists 2016 but also a very active member of Anna Pavlova Network who always supports our new initiatives and projects. This time he has taken an important part in the organisation of the exhibition and worked as the official photographer of the ceremony.  Special thanks from the Anna Pavlova Network go to Nunzio Striano of ACSI Napoli Executive and Carlo Alessandro Argenzio, film director and video maker who came  to support us in such an important moment and have become an irreplaceable part of the team!







When your media partner is Danzaeffebi it is a great honour but also a great responsibility! Seeing Madam Francesca Bernabini, a very well known and influential Italian dance journalist at our first Roman event is a real acknowledgment of our efforts and we are veery grateful for it.


Unfortunately our friends from Moscow Ballet Maniacs haven’t been able to visit Rome in these days but they have taken part by sending a gift to the winner Irina Mattioli and presenting their beautiful promo video to the guests. Riccardo Mangiarotti of Panatronics Srl is our technical partner and we really appreciate that he came all the way from Milan to be at the opening. We also thank Riccardo De Santis of SmartSystem, Fano for being present as one of our guests and technical supporters of the event and bringing their gimbals distributed by Panatronics.


It is quite hard to list everybody who contributed to our work and all of them are important and appreciated. Finishing this article, we would like to bring our special thanks to Emilio D’Itri, Elena Giorgieri and Annalisa Polli of the Officine Fotografiche Roma – a special place that will always remain in our hearts as the first “home” of our very first Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest Exhibition in Rome!


Anna Pavlova Network, all rights reserved. Photos by: Antonio Azzurro Photography.