Pelayo González. Dance This Town

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Pelayo González about his Dance This Town Project:

Although I’ve always been, in one way or another, surrounded by dancers, I discovered dance as a target for my photography almost accidentally. I had never thought about dance in that way and my first photoshoot with a ballet dancer made me think about photography in an absolute new way.

Pelayo Gonzalez3

Dancer: Marlen Fuerte

It took me some time and many discarded ideas to give shape to the Dance This Town Project. The Idea is, basically, decontextualise the dancers, taking them out the stage and putting them on the ground. Dressing them with casual clothes and shooting in the street, or any urban environment. The only stage clothing we use are pointe shoes.

Pelayo Gonzalez5

Dancer: Marlen Fuerte

I´ve had a great pleasure of working with very talented dancers in this project. Some of them are still in the beginning of their careers, like some students from the local dance conservatory, and others like Marlen Fuerte, first dancer of Victor Ullate’s Ballet, are with an already consolidated career.

The project is still open, and I keep looking for dancers who want to be a part of it.

Pelayo Gonzalez10

Dancer: Sofia Gonzalez

Pelayo Gonzalez11

Dancer: Sofia Gonzalez

Pelayo Gonzalez9

Dancer; Rebeca Ilbañez

Pelayo Gonzalez2

Dancer: Carmen Derre

Pelayo Gonzalez1

Dancer: Carla Barrio

Pelayo Gonzalez4

Dancer: Marlen Fuerte

Pelayo Gonzalez8

Dancer: Rebeca Ibañez

Pelayo Gonzalez sin título-0127

Dancer: Sin Titulo

Pelayo González Fotografía for Anna Pavlova Network, all rights reserved.