DARIAN VOLKOVA and her House Ballet Tales

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DARIAN VOLKOVA about #HouseBalletTales:

#HouseBalletTales Project is maybe the first project in my artistic career when ballet is “taken out” of its traditional atmosphere to unusual place – the ancient front stairs of Saint Petersburg historical houses.

This theme seemed interesting to me and I decided to create a project in which  Ballerina is the  leitmotif and she, as a muse of those times,  visits old Houses listening to their stories.

Every house has its mood and character, its color and smell. I tried to express all this through the poses and images of Ballerina.

I worked together with a wonderful team. Yury Uhorsky was our guide and our “keeper of the keys” of the old houses, Anastasia Shevtsova of Mariinsky Theatre was our Ballerina, Arina Miloserdova is the author of  the fairy tales that accompany  the project, Alisa Zhilevskaya made the English translation and ZefirBallet helped us to choose the clothes.


Darian Volkova. Paradki

Courtesy of Darian Volkova, Anna Pavlova Network will present several parts of this yet ongoing artistic project. Each of these parts is devoted to one of  many “hidden corners” of Saint Petersburg, Russia and will be accompanied by a short “fairy tale”.

Enjoy it!


Perhaps it will be more exciting to follow ballerina adventures when You are familiar with St. Petersburg. This is the place where Russian ballet was born.

St Petersburg is a city of Houses-with-Soul.

They have been living here for years.

Each of them has his or her own temper and habits.

All House-with-Soul are old and wise in contrast to new citizens modern high-rise buildings without any spark of life.

Houses made of brick and stone keep together and live near each other.

Each House-with-soul breathes with tram ramble wheels, rustling of doves’ wings, passerby’ conversations.

Every night when people switch on the light Houses return to life They are conversing with each other about daily events or staring at stars for hours but once too often They are reminiscing about the good old days.

Because time of luxurious balls and state receptions They hoste , has fallen into oblivion.

And people pass up Houses forgetting about Their former greatness.

Houses aren’t the only one people don’t remember.

The same is forgotten Nymph-Ballerina, theatre custodian

But one day She has known sad news about Houses.

Here begins magical traveling into enchanting world of Houses-With-Soul…


All citizens know about so-called “Five corners”. The street is always crowded and busy but not by householders. The House, Ballerina has visited, is the head here. He is always grumbling at each visitor. As soon as You come in You will hear squeak. This is how The House kicks against His guests. Long time ago The House lived with His best friend, Physics Scientist. However Scientist had tragic fate and left The House…

Since then silence is the only thing lives with The House. And this is how He grieves for His friend.

Ballerina tried to talk with The House but the answer was slow heartbeat.


Парадки 2.2



Darian Volkova Ballet Photographer, all rights reserved.