Bożena Pazgan and her cloud dance project in Warsaw

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I like photography that takes us to some other world. What do I mean by that? I love photographs that show us a little bit of a fairy tale or that have some kind of  idea … sometimes maybe even strange, ridiculous but surely surprising and unexpected. Once I took part in the workshops during which we made a dress for a model. We made it out of a book. Exactly it was a Polish school reading book and the dress was made of sheets of paper from this book. Hm… maybe not too tactful but surely lots of fun.

Bozena Pazgan08

So every time I take a photograph of my dancers I try to invent something that could be interesting and surprising. Sometimes we manage to create a little bit of the different and unexpected world. The dancer with her beautiful dance and me with the idea of this photo.

I have my favorite place in Warsaw. It is the  beach on the right bank of Vistula. The right side of Warsaw is called “Praga” and it is said not to be too safe. But I used to live there and I love these atmosphere and people. Sometimes maybe it is not safe to come back in the night but  there are lots of interesting tenements, pubs and interesting places. I love to lie down at this right side bank of Vistula and look up to the clouds. It is also a little bit windy over there as at every river bank.

Bozena Pazgan09

Once I had an idea to take a model and take photo of  “flying with wind” dress. But when I started to take photos of dancers I thought it would be quite a nice idea to take one of my dancer to this right bank and take a photo of flying dress showing also the beauty of movement. But what  should the dress be like  to fly perfectly ? No, cloth would be boring, why not to try foil? It is much lighter and it flies beautifully on the wind.

Bozena Pazgan01

So I took the dancer Honorata Perzanowska to the right bank of Vistula. We made a dress out of foil and had a great fun. We also had the great audience. The people who  were taking  a sunbath there were keeping fingers for us and smiled.  We called this project  “Cloud dance”. Why ? The dress  looks sometimes like a cloud on these photos  especially when Honorata jumps up to the sky.

Bozena Pazgan07

Bogena Pazgan02

Bozena Pazgan04

Bozena Pazgan for  Anna Pavlova Network, all rights reserved.