Artyom Shlapachenko. Road to Frontier

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Artyom Shlapachenko shares with us his new project with participation of Ballet Nacional de Cuba dancers. It’s called “ROAD TO FRONTIER” and it is dedicated to the feelings of a person who decided to “cross the border” and start a new life abroad.

Paul Seaquist has taken part in this project as a poet, giving poetic “comments” to every image.

Here you can read his thoughts about this artistic collaboration:

– Emigration is without a doubt one of the experiences which marks the spirit of all men; because of this same reason it can be the source of the biggest expression a human heart can reach.

For many, it has had devastating consequences. Every sky when not our own deepens the feeling of loneliness. And a special courage is required, a heroic decision to find blind and without horizons a revelation of our own destiny. To leave our comfort zone not only of our homes, friendships and common experiences, but that of our own lives, gives us the gift of tears as well as the one of laughter’s; maybe even both at the same time. The garden in front of ours is always greener since it is not in front of ours  it becomes our present. To advance or not to advance is the question that freezes us even under the hot sun of Havana ́s midday. What will I miss? Who will miss us? Will there be any value in leaving all behind?

 Artyom dives into these questions with his photography and explores not only the pain of leaving but also the pain of staying. His images are sweet although painful and in them you can see the doubts, the illusion, the heartbreak of those who wanted and not, of those who could and could not, and now only have the option to look ahead and imagine.

Behind the Curtain.

My sight resides far away

In a place where there is doubt

But no rest.

Behind the curtains A.Shlapachenko

The path between light and shadows
Flood me with fear
Midnights and awakenings.
Routines. A.Shlapachenko
It’s Never Easy.
The remains of yesterdays are not indifferent to me
Tomorrows are always warm, unforgiving
Far away…
A.Shlapachenko, It's never easy
 Further Away.
The last will always be the first?
Further away, A.Shlapachenko
 Silent Scream.
The doors are closed
From inside and out
Locks are not eternal
They are only moments,
Memories and moments.

Silent Scream, A. Shlapachenko

Mi Tierra.
Bare and tired
Dust frees me
Liberates me
Stalks me
Strengthens me
Mi tierra A.Shlapachenko
The Doubt.
The lack of perception
Takes, gives, is reborn and disappears.
The doubt A.Shlapachenko
 Missing You.
The weight of the form does not rest
On the rock that sustains
But on the aim of the shot
Towards whites and shadows
Far away…
Missing you A.Shlapachenko
Foto by Artyom Shlapachenko, poetry by Paul Seaquist. ©Anna Pavlova Network 2016. All rights reserved.