Bożena Pazgan about Dancers with Beautiful Hearts charity project

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Bozena Pazgan about DANCERS WITH BEAUTIFUL HEARTS, charity photo session organised by Centrum Baletowe Neoclassica and Natalia Wojciechowska for the Warsaw Hospice for Children:

I have been taking ballet photos of  Natalia Maria Wojciechowska, her “Warsaw Ballet” and “Neoclassica Ballet Centre” dancers since one year. Photography and especially ballet photography is my real passion and love.  My first photo of Natalia was a red haired ballerina jumping up. I was happy as a baby taking this photo and afterwards when I could see on my computer how nice it looked like. Then I got to know some of other dancers from her group and I really liked them.

Dancers with beautiful hearts3

What I learnt about ballet and ballet photography ? I learnt respect, appreciation, patience and …. counting. The photographer has to respect the work of a ballet dancer. The body of the dancer looks like this, I mean so beautiful, because he or she had to work on it whole life. As they say hours of exercises, sometimes pain, sometimes tears and sometimes disappointment .  So me as a photographer I had to learn how not to hurry them up, how to work together to catch the most beautiful moments (counting is very helpful),  and that sometimes they just know better. They know better which of dance figures is good or bad and that a photo you think is quite good in reality is not. What I also learnt is that the dancers like to be appreciated. So you have to tell them how beautiful they dance and look. But in most cases you do not even have to lie. Because they do.

The dancers I know don’t only have beautiful bodies, they dance beautifully but also they have beautiful hearts. Natalia Maria Wojciechowska has organized the charity photo session BALLET PHOTO SESSION 22 czerwca “Black, red white”. We as photographers could take photos of  dancers of Neoclassica Ballet Centre. And the whole  income that we and dancers paid was given to Warsaw Hospice for Children. The motto of this session was “I live beautifully – I help“. I was not only honored that I could be a part of such an event but also as usually  I was so happy that I could take photos of  ballet dancers.

Dancers with beautiful hearts2

How the session like this looked like ? I think as an ordinary photo session. The light was adjusted by the employee of the studio. Every photographer had some time for him or herself and a dancer or a group of dancers (although as I was the only woman I could take photos first). Then every dancer made some ballet figures we took photos or rather caught the moments. My favorite photos are “jumping ” ones so I had to concentrate a little bit and “click” – I did it.  After the session I chose some of the photos but the last word about publishing as usually belonged to the dancer. Is that all? Not quite. In my opinion even though this photo ballet session looked ordinary in reality it was extraordinary. It was the ballet photo session full of very positive emotions and generally speaking we could say it was a photo session with “HEART”.

Dancers with beautiful heart6

Dancers with beautiful hearts4

Dancers with beautiful hearts5

Dancers with beautiful heart1

Text and photos by Bożena Pazgan, Poland. All rights reserved.