Natalia Maria Wojciechowska in Piotr Leczkowski’s series “Broken Foot Not Broken Spirit”

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Natalia Maria Wojciechowska about her story behind the shooting:
Ever since I remember I wanted to dance. When I was a kid I always danced and danced and I imagined myself on stage dancing “Swan Lake”. This dream was strong enough to overcome many obstacles and is still strong enough to keep on surviving no matter how many bad things happened.
As a dancer I went trough every possible stadium including quitting dance few times. I was a corp de ballet member, I was a soloist, I danced in musicals, ballets, revues, on pole. I was employed in Poland and abroad, I was unemployed. I was injured few times and already thought it’s the end of dance for me. All that to now teach others at my own school, do many dance projects of different nature and to create spectacles for my own company.
Broken Leg Not Broken Spirit3
Exactly three months ago I broke my foot… What an amazing thing for a ballerina to break a foot. I felt like I lost my hand. All I felt back then was fear and many emotions without name. I was crying without knowing why I cry. I had to learn from the very beginning to name the emotions, to separate them from what I see and experience and feel and think. I had to teach myself what my emotionality is and how it affects or doesn’t affect on me life. I had to see myself as somebody new. a person I knew for such a long time, but didn’t want to let in for the same long time. Now I can only say/write – I am so thankful for breaking my foot.
This experience not only taught me what is patience. It exposed myself in front of me and showed that I have always been ¬†patient only couldn’t show it in a appropriate way and couldn’t express in a way I wanted in front of others…oh well….I am still learning it and it is not an easy process. I loose patience mostly with myself sometimes…loosing it, because I can’t always be as patient as I’d wish with others and it takes me aught…why? because all I can do is laugh about it and try to be more patience – mostly with myself – and it helps. It also helps to understand that everything is a process and not short one and also it helps to understand that maybe I will never get where I want to be, I can only HOPE I will.
Broken Leg Not Broken Spirit2
Any way – all I know is that my dancing will never be same, because of every/any experience I had – especially my broken foot and oh….I hope it will not…I do hope it will be simply…different…

PS: Today I heard from doctor that I can start to really walk, to put body weight on my foot

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Broken Leg Not Broken Spirit4make up/stylization/idea:
photos: Piotr Leczkowski –
dancer: Natalia Maria Wojciechowska