Shaun Ho project with Leane Lim. Singapore

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2016 Leane Shoot 22Apr16 0098 - spiked

Singapore is an interesting country. It is a quarter the size of Luxembourg, but has a population 10 times larger. Crowds are aplenty and open spaces are a rare luxury. Being on the equator the weather is unforgiving – It rains half the year and when it does not, temperatures reach up to 37 °C (98 °F). It is hot, wet, crowded, and shooting outdoors is always a challenge.

I was introduced to dancer Leane Lim by a friend whom I had worked with previously. Leane had just returned from the Central School of Ballet (CSB) in London where she graduated with a 1st class honours in Professional Dance and Performance. We discussed ideas casually over a simple lunch in the city and realised quickly that our creative ideas were aligned.

2016 Leane Shoot 22Apr16 0158 - spiked

We had both hoped to create images that were unique, yet familiar. Images set in common places that one would not ordinarily see in photographs. After some deliberation we agreed on working in the northern suburbs of Singapore, a novel location far away from the picturesque city centre where almost all dance images were created.

To challenge ourselves further, Leane and I set certain rules to make us think out of the box. Leane agreed to not perform attitudes or arabesques – poses that most dancers would often fall back on in photographs, and on my part, I limited myself to using only available natural light – even indoors.

2016 Leane Shoot 22Apr16 0070 - spiked

It stormed during the morning of our shoot, however when it stopped, we were blessed with beautiful soft golden light. We were also fortunate to have a scholar from the Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT), Tania Angelina, assist us in the project. A dancer herself, Tania not just supported us, but also helped to critique the images as they were created.

2016 Leane Shoot 22Apr16 0096 - spiked

2016 Leane Shoot 22Apr16 0150 - spiked