Santiago Barreiro about his artistic project

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This series is an extract of work in progress and makes part of an artistic project dedicated to my personal research on  the world of dance.

Within this project I work on the conceptual idea of the aesthetics being a fundamental tool of interpretation of freedom in the dance. It is not an objective study but a kind of my own “investigation” answering one question – “Who is the one who dances?”.

Part of being a dancer for me is the internal struggle of a human being whose body becomes an instrument to represent other lives, up to the point of losing their identity.




The photo selected as the Photo of the Month by Ballet Insider and Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest was made on a trip to Argentina to a godforsaken slaughterhouse. We crossed the border between Uruguay and Argentina without being sure that we succeed with our plans because we didn’t have any official permission. They let us in only after being told that our model worked with a famous ballet dancer Julio Bocca. We were given a very limited period of time for the shooting.

When we found this amazing room full of rolls and ancient books I suggested to our ballerina Marina Sanchez to get inside the library. It was not easy but we managed to make this photo that became the iconic image of the project.  We had to leave the place after a little bit, but we did it with the happiness of having achieved several awesome pics.

Ten days later we found out that the building was destroyed by fire. Sadly this was the last picture made in this ancient room….