Evgeniya Pirshina. Interview


Evgeniya Pirshina, Ballet and Theatre photographer from Moscow, has succeeded in so many artistic fields that it is hard to describe in one short article.
Since 2006 she was a singer at Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre in Moscow. This is already enough for a beautiful full time career, but not for Evgeniya!
She began shooting performances, has reached a very high professional level in it and now she is an official photographer of Festival Context Diana, Musical Theatre of Stanislavsky, Festival of Contemporary Dance Prisma. Also, she is the creator of the project “The Story of the Theatre” in which photographs of worldwide known artists are presented.


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How can you describe your style in photography?
Defined forms and clean lines.

What are the specifics of working with dancers as models for you?
We must be on the same wave to achieve great results.
Is it important to understand and know ballet to succeed in stage photography?
Yes, but if you have an eye for photography you can learn it.
Who were your teachers? Do you still seek their advice?
My intuition and my husband. Both are good advisers.




Color or Black and White and why?
I only use color when it makes the picture.

Do you try to get to know your models and their story or this only distracts you from work?
It distracts me.
What are your professional goals?
To be represented at the best galleries and museums around the world.
Who is the dancer of your dream?
Diana Vishneva

Where do you find your inspiration?
Great classical music

Your advice to those who are thinking of shooting ballet for the first time.
Have fun in the process and don`t forget that extra battery!






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